0.5 Second Glue
0.5 Second Glue

Bombini Spa 0.5 Second Glue

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Bombini Spa 0.5 Second Glue

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0.5-second adhesive is a popular type of glue frequently utilized in eyelash extension procedures. Its rapid drying time, as implied by its name, is only half a second, making it a favored option among lash technicians seeking efficiency and speed.

This adhesive typically consists of a cyanoacrylate formula, an acrylic resin that establishes quick and secure bonds with various surfaces, including human skin and hair. Its 0.5-second drying period ensures a secure attachment of the extension to the natural lash, without causing discomfort or irritation to the client.

It is important to note, however, that 0.5-second adhesive may not be suitable for everyone. Certain clients may have sensitivities or allergies to the glue's ingredients, and its fast drying time can pose challenges when it comes to correcting errors or adjusting the placement of the extensions.

As with any lash extension application, it is crucial to select a skilled and experienced lash technician who utilizes high-quality products and adheres to proper safety and hygiene protocols. Prior to the procedure, make sure to discuss any concerns or queries you may have regarding the adhesive and the application process.

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