Eyelash Mannequin Head
Eyelash Mannequin Head
Eyelash Mannequin Head

Double Eye Mannequin Practice Heads

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Double Eye Mannequin Practice Heads


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A training mannequin head featuring detachable eyelids is a valuable tool utilized by lash technicians to enhance and perfect their lash extension application abilities. Its purpose is to replicate the size and shape of a human head, complete with synthetic eyelashes affixed to the eyelids.

The removable eyelids on a training mannequin head enable technicians to practice various techniques for applying upper and lower lash extensions, as well as perform eyelash perming, tinting, and other lash treatments. These eyelids can be effortlessly taken off and replaced as necessary, facilitating the exploration of different lash styles or practice with diverse lash types.

Typically constructed from durable plastic or silicone materials, these mannequin heads feature synthetic lashes that closely resemble the natural counterparts in terms of length, thickness, and curl.

When working with a training mannequin head with detachable eyelids, it is crucial to approach the application process with the same level of attentiveness and precision as you would with an actual client. This approach ensures the development of proper techniques and habits that will seamlessly transition into real-world lash extension applications. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness and sanitization of the mannequin head between uses is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria or other contaminants.

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