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Bombini Spa Glue Shaker

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Bombini Spa Glue Shaker

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A glue shaker is a device commonly utilized in the lash extension application process to facilitate the mixing and agitation of lash adhesive. Its primary purpose is to enhance the consistency and bonding properties of the adhesive, ensuring optimal results.

Typically, a glue shaker consists of a small container designed to hold the adhesive, along with a motorized mechanism that generates vibration or shaking to thoroughly mix the adhesive. The shaker can be employed before and during the application process to maintain a well-mixed adhesive with the appropriate consistency.

Using a glue shaker offers several benefits for lash extension applications. It improves efficiency and quality by ensuring the adhesive is evenly mixed, leading to a strong and secure bond between the natural lash and the extension. Additionally, it helps minimize the risk of clumping or other issues that can arise when working with an adhesive that has not been adequately mixed.

In summary, a glue shaker is a valuable tool in lash extension application, contributing to efficient and high-quality results by promoting even adhesive consistency and reliable bonding.


Instead of shaking your adhesive strongly by hand for 2 minutes, save your time by using Glue Shaker! It is designed to mix your lash adhesive in 5-10 seconds.

To use:
Gently push the closed adhesive into the soft attachment to start shaking.
Shaking stops as soon as you lift out the test tube.

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Fast Delivery Warranty Secure Payment