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Double Foam Eye Pads 50 ct

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Double Foam Eye Pads 50 ct

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Double foam eye pads serve as specialized tools utilized by lash technicians during the lash extension application procedure. Their primary function is to safeguard the client's lower lashes and delicate skin while enabling easy access to the upper lashes.

Typically, double foam eye pads consist of two layers of soft foam that are stacked on top of each other, forming a crescent shape. This curved design ensures a comfortable fit beneath the client's eyes, contouring to the natural contours of their face. The foam material itself is gentle and non-irritating, prioritizing the prevention of discomfort or irritation during the application process.

These pads are usually disposable and available in bulk packages, allowing for the use of a fresh pair for each client.

When employing double foam eye pads for lash applications, it is crucial to ensure their correct positioning beneath the client's eyes, providing sufficient protection for the lower lashes and skin. The pads should be placed in a manner that does not impede the technician's access to the upper lashes. Regular checks throughout the application process guarantee that the pads remain securely in place. Additionally, it is important to choose high-quality foam pads that are well-made, gentle on the skin, and do not shed or leave any residue behind.

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